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6 Week SEO & CRO Programme for Solopreneurs

Close proximity, collaborative programme where we implement SEO & CRO across your site and socials so you're  found and invested in by more ideal clients & partners.

Zoe Collins

If you want to be found by ideal clients & partners in more places, with the content you already pour into, then this programme is for you. 

Let me guess...

  • You leverage social media to be found & invested in by new people, almost exclusively, which means you produce high-quality content that connects but the ROI of each piece is limited due to its fleeting moment to shine. It would be amazing if your content went to work harder and longer.

  • You’ve crafted a service you are beyond proud of and your client results speak absolute volumes, yet your online spaces, wider touchpoints and website experiences don't reflect these standards and map to your highest business vision.

  • Its time to take things beyond Instagram, to have your voice heard in more rooms and take up more space in more rooms. You want to begin tying together your podcast appearances, guest features and social media value to create a hub that means regardless of where someone hears about you, they can easily digest all you have to offer and become a client.

Inside this 6 Week Collaborative SEO & CRO , we'll make your content work harder, tie your online experiences together and add new streams that get you and your services found & invested in by ideal clients organically, while you show up IRL.

You could be a coach, mentor or service provider who is building a high ticket profile in the online or location specific place. This collab closes the gap.

A 6 Week 1:1 Collaboration with Digital Marketing, SEO & CRO expert, whereby sleeves are rolled up and we get to work in your business.

- Connect all of your online channels & features to pass ideal clients freely along the sales funnel seamlessly, ensuring all are aligned to your high ticket standard

- Dominate all search engine results with mentions of you, your business and solutions

- Implement a SEO strategy into your website & social media content so you are not only found by brand new prospects in even more places but positioned as the absolute authority and solution in your space


Hi I’m Zoe Collins, Digital Expert & Founder of ZODIGITAL. 


With 12 years experience across digital, degree in digital marketing strategy and leader of a service-based business I am proud of, my ambition is to support 5 star businesses to expand and build on owned land so we can call in new clients while showing up IRL.


What exactly you get:

  • Website and social media SEO strategy & CRO  implementation via 3x Power Hours/ SEO & CRO Mentoring Sessions (worth £333) ​​

  • 6 Weeks collaborative implementation & support. Includes 4 webpages optimised for you (worth £555) plus email/ DM support

  • A Keyword research informed and business-aligned content strategy, to make your content work harder, getting you found and invested in organically

  • Off-page SEO, backlink and authority building plan of action, for an even wider reach

  • Website SEO & User experience audit

The finer details

Investment: £999 or 3x £333

How it works: 3x 2-week collaborative sprints, each beginning with a Power Hour (sprints can be extended by up to four weeks if needed)


You must be: willing to write content for pages, have a website with usable designed elements, able to commit to the fill payment and project.

Email me: or DM me on Instagram @zoe.zodigital to get started

Joce Boissin
"As a direct result of Zoe's input, I've been able to elevate the way I position my offering, increase visibility on Google, and book 4-5 clients a week directly through my website. I highly recommend!"
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