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6 Week accelerator for Insta-coaches who are ready to expand their empire

1:1 programme designed to implement the infrastructure, strategy and SEO that gets you  found on search engines and invested in by more ideal clients from the content you made weeks ago.

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One thing I know about you is that you have built an empire on Instagram. It's time to expand your base and be discovered in more spaces

​I know you produce killer posts that land, yet the ROI of each piece is limited due to its fleeting moment to shine. Wouldn't it be amazing if it got you invested in by the high-ticket client who's not seeing you on Instagram?

I love that you’ve crafted a service you are beyond proud of and your client results speak absolute volumes. Do you feel like your website, directories and lack of search engine presence is aligning to your highest business vision and giving off the same vibe?

Its so great you're starring in that podcast and repurposing your content across even more social channels to be seen and heard - lets put that content to work even harder and anchor it in the untapped place we know your future high-ticket client will look.

Best for Instagram superstars who have built reputable coaching & mentorship businesses and are now ready to expand into more space across search engines

This 6 week accelerator gives you:

  • The infrastructure to have evergreen content & blog content on your website so you can be found on Search Engines 

  • A website that mirrors your cleanest client experience

  • A website, content & SEO strategy that is designed to get you found & invested in while you show up IRL

  • Off-page SEO, backlink ideas, directories and listings

What happens after 6 weeks? You can continue working on our plan with a DIY approach to SEO and content management. Alternatively, like others, you can enter a rolling monthly retainer whereby I compliment you with website and content optimisation done for you.

The finer details

How it works: 3x 2-week sprints, each beginning with a Power Hour (sprints can be extended by up to four weeks if needed)


Power Hours: one hour video calls where we collaborate on and strategise your website, content and SEO

The Sprints: 6 weeks' of implementation support which includes website and content optimisation done for you, keyword research, directories/ listings set up, and any other reasonable area that requires support to get your business found via search engines (Max. 5 hours per 2 week sprint)


You must be: willing to write content for pages, have a website with usable designed elements, able to commit to the fill payment and project.

Investment: £999 or 3x £333

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