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This is how you'll know if Local SEO is a key need for your business growth

Local SEO: What is it? Do you need it? And should it be a business priority for you right now?

As a business owner, mastering your trade and delivering a 5 star service is only the beginning.  Love it or hate it, the YoY growth of most businesses will hinge on their ability to market themselves to the right clients consistently, and convert that interest into loyal high-ticket custom.

This means time, money, strategy and energy poured in to promoting, nurturing, and selling, all year round. But not all marketing efforts need be so consuming. what if I told you that local SEO gets your business found organically by your ideal clients, regardless of what you are doing at the time?

Wondering if Local SEO is something your business needs? Let's look at what exactly Local SEO is, which businesses need this string on their marketing bow, and if its a priority for you right now.

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What is Local Search Engine Optimisation (local SEO)?

Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comprises classic SEO activities, which include:

  • Ensuring a website's "crawlability", on page user experience and page load 

  • Optimising content in line with keyword research while ensuring it is compelling for the reader and;

  • Building authority to show search engines you are a trusted source of information with backlinks,

with the addition of geographically specific targeting and Google maps rankings.


Local SEO means including location and community specific keywords, Content tailored to your known clients wants/needs, Google Business / Maps optimisation, off-page strategies relevant to your community (e.g. Facebook groups & Nextdoor) and local directories.


The result of successful Local SEO can be seen in the local map pack and the search results.

Local SEO gets businesses found & chosen by ready-to-buy clients on Google 

If being found and chosen by your ready-to-buy local clients sounds like what your business needs alongside:

  • to keep non-client work to a minimum,

  • a diary that is booked for weeks in advance,

  • a consistent stream of quality inbound leads that actually lead to a sale and,

  • to be chosen over fierce local competition;


then its safe to say Local Search Engine Optimisation and the work I do here is for you.

Who benefits from Local SEO?

Local SEO is ideal for health & wellbeing services, home repairs, legal, financial & professional services, clinics, salons, vets and many more. If your business serves a geographical location, be that mobile or brick & mortar, Local SEO should be a priority for you.

Medical, Health & Wellbeing

Home Services and Repairs

Professional, financial & legal services

Beauty services

General local services, vets, tutors, supplies etc.

So, should Local SEO be a priority for you this year?

Establishing an online presence is not a luxury; it's a necessity for businesses aiming to thrive in their local communities, and with today's competition, it's not enough to just "be" there. You need to establish trust via an online reputation and demonstrative credibility so your business is chosen over your competition before you've had a chance to speak directly to the potential client.

The best part about investing in your Local SEO and Online reputation? You secure clients in your sleep. That's right, this work is the very thing that gets business discovered, trusted and committed to by dream clients, without compromising your client service, wellbeing or family time. 


And yet, SO OFTEN local business founders tell me their websites are "just sitting there" and they don't really understand what SEO is. That is why I crafted my Local SEO & Online Marketing solutions to awaken sleepy websites, dominate search results and establish "credibility that converts", meaning by the time the client reaches out to you - it's just a matter or scheduling them in. 

Digital Payment
80% of Mobile local searches result in a conversion and 28% of mobile local searches result in a purchase within 24 hours

Local SEO is one of the most valuable strategies you can invest in to ensure the success of your local business because people who are searching for your services WANT to become your customer.


With such a large proportion of local searches for resulting in a conversion and over a quarter of those turning into a purchase within a day, if you're not showing up to meet them where they search then then your competition will.


What's more, people are willing to spend 22% more on a local service, if the business has a good online reputation​. So if you are questioning if your business can benefit from local SEO, then the answer is likely a resounding YES. 

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